Bryan @ Capital Reef NP

Nature is the one thing we all have in common

VaughnBerry creative director, Bryan Vaughn, has always been an advocate for the outdoors while growing up in southern California.  Riding bikes around the neighborhood, building forts on a farm, horseback riding on long adventurous trail rides, Bryan has always explored this vast world we call home.  Nature has never been too far from Bryan because he surrounds himself with it.  

Bryan took care of rescued horses and saw the satisfaction of hard work but he also understood the hardships of disappointment and failure.  Being able to provide a second chance for creatures that were given up on, after being used and often abused, the farm gave new life to horses because they could not perform to that of a year old stallion.  Bryan has great pride for breaking the endless despair from the horses he helped rehabilitate.

Coming out of the closet in high school, Bryan was the subject of constant teasing and backlash as a teenager.  It seemed as if no place was safe from judgement.  After school Bryan would go to the farm and take care of the horses where he often cried on the shoulders of the horses in the pastures.  After a few moments, a calm would come.  The horses were actually taking care of him.  And not much longer after that Bryan discovered that all of his four legged family were taking care of him.  You see, animals do not see the complexities of life that humans bring to light.  Animals understand the important core factors to life.  This lone fact educated Bryan on the importance of self worth and appreciation.  Bryan's animals never judge him but instead show unrequited love.   Life is too delicate and short to be distracted with the thought's of everyone else.  Bryan was taught to stay true to himself and disregard the negative thoughts of society.  If you spend too much time trying to please everyone you will never please yourself.  

With nature all around him, Bryan draws inspiration from all around him.  Simple, rustic, and meticulously handcrafted details define the VaughnBerry name.  In a VaughnBerry piece, a person is not defined or confined to a gender, a style, or trend because one will always be themselves and fashion is an extension of that self.  Its not about what or who you are wearing but it is how you are making the style your own.  The adventure is more important than the destination.

Strong, determined, and outspoken, Bryan finds himself looking for the new and unexplored to share with the world.  Always sensitive to the world around, remember that nature is the one thing we all have in common.